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Essential Oil

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Juniper Essential Oil

(quantità minima 3 pz)

Juniper Essential Oil is obtained from Juniperus communis, a plant of the Cupressaceae family.

Pure oil with highly nourishing action, excellent compensator for dull and tired skin.

Useful against oily and impure skin as it has a sebum-normalizing action.

Known for its numerous properties, it is effective in massages against cellulite blemishes thanks to its draining effect.

Format 50 ml

Sage Essential Oil

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Essential Oils are very powerful and concentrated natural remedies, they have a really fast effect on our body.

Sage Essential Oil helps in the action against free radicals by protecting the skin from the signs of aging, as a soothing agent for sensitive skin and as a lightener for discolored skin.

Massages with Sage Essential Oil are especially useful for tiredness and muscle pain and for an energizing massage.

Format 50 ml