Beauty Speaker is an innovative portal that offers the opportunity to create your own personalized branded cosmetic line, without any minimum order for quantities and types, in just 72 working hours.

Beauty Speaker offers face and body products produced with selected and high-quality ingredients. Each products packaging can be customized thanks to various editable graphic proposals that make the cosmetic line unique and perfectly consistent with the image of your business.

You will also have at your disposal branded promotional material for a coordinated marketing activity (counter signs, displays with crowners, flyers, catalogs).

Why choose Beauty Speaker cosmetics?

Ready-made cosmetics, already formulated, tested on the market and ready for distribution.

Just choose from the available products, conveniently customize the complete layout of your logo online and wait for packaging.

Possibility of having a customized design with the company logo. Create your line in a very short time.

Your personalized cosmetics line, in a few simple steps, will be ready to be marketed.