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Body Exfoliator

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

There are many cosmetic products capable to protect and restore brightness of the skin, but the most important product to achieve this it definitely is the exfoliator. Much more than a simple peeling,represents a real treatment which combines smoothing and exfoliating action thanks to the Apricot kernel microspheres, with organic and natural active ingredients such as pure Organic Aloe Vera gel, which moisturizes the skin making it velvety, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Shea Butter that make the skin extremely soft, compact and hydrated.

200 ml format

Salicylic Acid Exfoliation Glove

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Professional treatment for face and body. Knob soaked in pure Salicylic Acid.
Strongly indicated for acne-prone skin, mature skins, hyper pigmented skins, dyschromia, slight and important signs of expression.
Excellent as a face and body exfoliant, in metabolic resets, before detox treatments.
Keratolytic product, included in the protocol 808 diode laser hair removal and pulsed light but also with the traditional waxing hair removal.

25 ml

Shower gel

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Shoer gel that combines in a natural way he effectiveness of its selected ingredients to a delicate perfume that amplifies it the pleasantness of use. Inside a very delicate cleansing base the prized principles have been dissolved active ingredients extracted from Aloe vera, Extra Virgin Oil of Olive to create a vitaminizing and vitalizing action. The delicate foam of the fiber coconut makes this special body care cleanser, also suitable for the most delicate skin.

Format 250 ml

Pure Oil

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Very delicate oil, rich in substances of natural origin, with a moisturizing, emollient, protective and repairing action on skin tissues.

Ideal for the prevention and treatment of skin blemishes, 100% natural pure oil is a valuable aid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thanks to its emollient characteristics, it can be used to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen, hips and thighs, breast cracking due to breastfeeding. Suitable for all skin types and rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it leaves the skin supple, soft and smooth. Also excellent after the bath of the little ones.

125 ml


(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Naturgel is a natural anti-inflammatory that allows you to fight small daily ailments in a natural way with an application on the point where the disorder occurs.It can also be used for problems related to the practice of sport and is also very useful in case of skin irritations caused by insect bites. It is not a medicinal product, it is a natural cosmetic product for external and topical use. Its strengths are ease of use, naturalness and rapidity of action: in fact, a few seconds are enough to appreciate the powerful action of its natural active ingredients.

Format 60 ml