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Test Kit

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Kit No - Age Demanding Skin

The kit includes:

Cleansing Milk 200 ml
Tonic 200 ml
Face Cleansing Mousse 150 ml
Delicate Facial Exfoliator 50 ml
Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Glove 25 ml
Global Mask 100 ml
Tnt Botox Mask 25 ml
Tnt Hyaluronic Mask
Eye Contour 50 ml
Intensive Serum 30 ml
Pure Hyaluronic Acid molecular activator 30 ml
Pomegranate and Collagen Bio Elixir 30 ml
No Age Day Cream 50 ml
No Age Night Cream 50 ml
Perfect Lips Butter 8 ml

  • Pack

Saline Osmotic Action Bandage

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Disposable bandages soaked in soft gel, containing 23% of Dead Sea Salt which despite the high salt concentration is transparent and practically odorless, with the addition of an iodized compound, which enhances the effect of the salt of the dead sea and makes the product specific for people with cellulite and / or fat. Its high osmotic action has excellent results on venous and lymphatic stasis.

250 ml

Face Cleansing Bio Gel

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Cleanser with a soft and sensory texture, designed for deep but delicate cleansing of the face, eyes, neck and décolleté.

Although there are no soap substances, it perfectly cleanses from make-up, smog and dust. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Contains 100% ingredients of natural origin from organic farming.

250 ml

Green Coffee Anti-Cellulite Cream

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Anticellulite cream rich in phytoactives known for their marked beneficial effect on the imperfections of cellulite *: Cocoa, Green Coffee and Guarana. A few applications are enough to notice evident results: the skin is immediately more toned and compact, the centimeters decrease, the skin profile is thinner and the figure acquires new elasticity and harmony.

250 ml

Zinc Oxide Healing Cream

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

Zinc oxide, Panthenol together Aloe Vera in Gel and Olive Oil have been carefully selected and included in the formula, respect the natural pH of the skin and contribute to the formation of new cells providing a valid help in prevention. of acne, eczema and dermatosis. A real protective barrier with the sole aim of safeguarding the most delicate skin, solving irritation and redness in the most sensitive areas of the face and body.

Results guaranteed even on Maskne (mask dermatitis).

50 ml

No Age Body Cream

(minimum quantity 3 pcs)

No Age Body Cream that gives an immediate feeling of well-being and natural freshness enveloping the body with a pleasant scent that will accompany him for the whole day. The absolutely neutral natural fragrance it is appreciated by both female customers and by the masculine one, remaining on the skin for a long time.

Format 250 ml